My XFEST 07 experience.. sort of a point by point outline =)

Tue, Jan 29, 2008 at 6:21 PM By: SarahJ

We arrived at XFEST at 11:30 and the line was freakin huge.. Stereoside opened the show... To be the opening act they were darn good...Next up was Cinder Road.. They were freakin awesome...The lead singer jumped down into the VIP section and hung with the crowd... We left the VIP section to get autographs... we stood in line for an hour and a half.. for Buckcherry autographs... Just to be the next 6th and 7th in line to be told that there will be no more Buckcherry autographs... I was ticked!!... So we sat for another hour and was able to get Papa Roaches autographs…I was freakin out cause I loveeee Papa Roach...The girls in front of me were jumping across the table to have them sign the backs of their shirts and By the look on the thier faces the guys didn't like it too well… I was like man them girls are invading thier personal space..(I think I learn alot from my friends who sing in a band just how much work goes into putting on a show so I tried to give each member of the bands some love.. ) .. so I just held my shirt out and let them sign it … the first to sign was Dave Buckner the drummer…He was like lets see how this goes…Hey it turned out good (talking about his autograph)…Next to sign was Tobin Esperance the Bassist… He was like this is way easier…as he was signing my shirt Jacoby was like… this girl makes it easy.. I like this girl...she knows what she is doing I think she has done this a time or two…As Jacoby the lead singer of Papa roach was signing my shirt I told him I tried to make the autograph signing process as easy as I could for them.…The last to sign was Jerry Horton the guitarist..I told him that I came to XFest to see them… and he was like there are some crazy bitches here… and I laughed and said yeah there are…As we were waiting in line to get Buckcherry's autographs which we didn't get… Revelation Theory played……Next up on stage was Black stone Cherry… I was in the VIP section… and started getting sick so I went and sat down for a bit… It was so freakin hot and being in the packed VIP section didn't make things better… after awhile I started feeling better… I went back up to the VIP section to catch Buckcherry who was up next….They were amazing… I left to get something to drink…cause I was burning up again from going crazy for Buckcherry… They were awesome..I made it back from getting a drink in time to see My favorite band Papa Roach…They Rocked…I hated the fact that the VIP section was even more packed then before I left to get something to drink.. But I screamed and yelled and rocked out to them… Papa Roach was amazing I love those guys !!... After Papa Roach finished up singing the VIP section started to clear out so I got to get closer to the stage….. In time to catch Hinder…It was awesome.. they had these metal step stool type thingies on the edges of the stage and I was right in front of the one on the right side of the stage…Austin the lead singer of Hinder and Joe "Blower" Garvey the lead guitarist were playing like right in front of me…Right above my head…Of course they were running and jumping around and stuff all over the stage.. But the lead guitarist Joe "Blower" Garvey favored our side of the stage better…Everybody kept going crazy for Austin Winkler which of course is natural he is the singer.. but nobody was going crazy for the other guys… Joe "Blower" Garvey the lead guitarist, guitarist Mark King, Bassist Mike Rodden, and drummer Cody Hanson…but I sure as heck did!!...So when Joe "Blower" Garvey was playing like right in front of me… I put my horns up and screamed you rock man…He put his horns up and said YOU rock…..He started sticking his tongue out at me.. and I busted up laughing… it was pretty funny..I just put my horns in the air and started screaming and everybody behind me followed!!... Now Hinder put together a pretty Dang good show… They played older songs.. I mean way older songs… and at one point they played Steppenwolf's song Born to be wild..Papa Roaches Jacoby (lead singer) came out and did a Born to be wild duet with Austin (lead singer of Hinder)… It was amazing.. Jacoby came out every so often and sang some songs with Hinder… It was awesome.. Hinder kept jerking us around… They would play a few songs then leave the stage.. Play a few songs then leave the stage… They just done it to get us going… We all started screaming Get stoned, Get stoned… Austin from Hinder came back out and was like you guys were so loud… you destroyed the sound system.. Which of course we didn't… He was just jerking us around… Cause right after that he came back out and was like you didn't think we was done now did ya?... And played a new song with the drummer of Hinder Cody Hanson who didn't play the drums he played the guitar… It was awesome… Then after that they all came back out… Austin was like you all didn't think we were going to leave without playing our #1 song now did ya … You guessed it Get stoned…. It was awesome… All during the show the bands threw out stuff into the crowd shirts, water, guitar picks etc… Anyways Hinder did the same thing they threw out shirts and guitar picks and stuff!!...Every time Joe "Blower" Garvey played in front of me and would be doing some wicked moves on the guitar...I screamed and yelled and went crazy… So after Get stoned….. which was the last song they played… Hinders lead guitarist.. Joe "Blower" Garvey threw me a Hinder guitar pick but I dropped it so the security guard picked it up and me and the girl beside me fought each other for it… And yeah …. I WON!!!... Yes I got a Hinder guitar pick from none other then the lead guitarist of Hinder himself Mr Joe "Blower" Garvey…. It was awesome.. I was sooo freakin excited!!.... The whole time Hinder played…Papa Roaches drummer Dave Buckner played for them… I don't know what was up with Cody Hanson but he didn't play the drums at all when Hinder played…. He must have been sick or something anyways.. All and all my 1st XFest was AMAZING!!.... I had fun… Meeting Papa Roach and getting their autographs was the highlight of the evening… and getting the guitar pick from Hinder's Joe "Blower" Garvey made my night even better!! It was awesome!!.. My tickets to XFEST were the best early birthday gift I have ever gotten .. I had so much fun..


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