Jacoby (and Dave) in Funny Videos

Sat, May 1, 2010 at 9:38 PM By: Miss Nobody

Kinda tragic though, because he said the word " I QUIT "

Funny completely, but also nasty (sorry for the uncensored)

  1. Synyster_Gates_Is_Mine! avatar

    On May 02, Synyster_Gates_Is_Mine! said:

    Ohhh shit dude.....i need fresh pants. I just pissed them laughing man....nice shit. First video was immence haha. Jacoby was getting well pissed on the phone hahahaa

  2. papa-roach_rockergirl_4life! avatar

    On May 02, papa-roach_rockergirl_4life! said:

    Omfg that was funny shit

  3. VictoriaxLeighh avatar

    On May 02, VictoriaxLeighh said:

    That was hilarious!

  4. billyrock avatar

    On May 02, billyrock said:

    Very cool Jane!! Thanks for the great video of Dave doing the punk on Jacoby!
    That was to funny!!!
    The second video of Dave and Jacoby was off the fucking hook!!
    I'm glad I wasn't the one judging what smells worse on Jacoby!!!

  5. CONOR avatar

    On May 02, CONOR said:

    dave got jacoby well better lol

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