Dear heart

Thu, Mar 4, 2010 at 8:40 AM By: Liera~Bloodheart~

This is a warning just to let you know soon you will be breaking soon you’ll be hit with another blow,

im sorry im doing this to you again but my mind keeps racing on,
I beg of you not to shatter until he is gone,

so prepare to shatter prepare to break,
it is my heart that I put at steak.

Cause i will do anythihng to feel like im worth,
more then just a broken hearted curse...

Im so sorry.

by Bloodheart

Liera Bloodheart

  1. PINK_ADDICT1 avatar

    On Mar 08, PINK_ADDICT1 said:

    sis don't say that you will not get your heart broken again i hope not anywayz

  2. Liera~Bloodheart~ avatar

    On Mar 04, Liera~Bloodheart~ said:

    Ok thanks... but it just seams to happen eachtime i find someone new to give my heart to...

  3. Ninna avatar

    On Mar 04, Ninna said:

    don't let your heart be broken :(

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