Who loves t-shirt?

Tue, Nov 1, 2011 at 5:50 PM By: FRED.

Guys let me explain why i asked that question. I have a project but for this, i need you all here!! BECAUSE YOU'RE ALL P-ROACH FANS SO I KNOW YOU HAVE GOOD TASTES AND IF YOU HAVE GOOD TASTES YOU CAN HELP ME!! I'm looking for some t-shirt designs, and i just wanted to know what kind of t-shirt you'll be able to wear. So you can tell me for example whats the color you'll chose for the background, what stuff you'll put inside, if you'll insert some words or sentence, if it will be something sweet or something hard you know... i really want to know WHAT'S THE PERFECT T-SHIRT FOR YOU!!?? You can send me links to a example of your perfect t-shirt or send me drawings or the things you would like to insert in the t-shirt. Try to be specific, the most you can. If you prefer a t-shirt or a sleeveless, anything is important. You would like something really simple or a t-shirt full of stuff? Or you can tell me what you especially loves to see, i give you an example: me, i like to see knuckle duster i can put it everywhere!! so, what about you?! Oh, it's really important for you to see the brand on the t-shirt?! And by the way, if you'll can chose a name of brand what will be yours!?!?!
For the people who really want to help me you can share that blog to your friends for more answers.

  1. FRED. avatar

    On Jan 12, FRED. said:

    I try to make my own bussiness but for now it's just a project, but i'm really sorry Harley i can't use the name papa roach nor their logo. I guess it's with copyright!... But i'll think about neon letters on the back ;) Thank you for your answer my friend XoXo

  2. HARLEY. avatar

    On Jan 10, HARLEY. said:

    ok i may be ur lil sister but can u not at least make me a t-shirt that says i live to bleed papa roach and put the logo onto the back? haha also i love them black with neon letters on it!!!

  3. JJ_P-Roach avatar

    On Nov 03, JJ_P-Roach said:

    i love every type of t-shirts :D

  4. FRED. avatar

    On Nov 02, FRED. said:

    I love your ideas!! "what doesn't kill me make me stronger" One of my favorite quote!! :) No seriously that's a great idea!
    And i fucking love that t-shirt from hardrock café!!!! Thank you!!!!

    So you prefer t-shirt with short sleeve? I prefer without.

  5. JJ_P-Roach avatar

    On Nov 02, JJ_P-Roach said:

    i love t-shirts and i have even male ones :D i love white or black backgrounds (i prefer black) with drawings but not too elaborate or flashy..
    this is one of my favourite https://rockshop.hardrock.com/Womens/Departments/Tops/product/HRO_Jr_Peace_Sign_Paint_T_White/

  6. Jacoby Shaddix 93 avatar

    On Nov 02, Jacoby Shaddix 93 said:

    I would like a black t-shirt: with a skull with bones on front of t-shirt,behind this phrase: "What does not kill,make me strong" what do you think?

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