Papa Roach Family ???

Tue, Feb 21, 2012 at 2:33 PM By: FRED.

Well, i'm a papa roach fan for about 6 years and i've never been bad with the other fans. For me, the papa roach fans are like a big family or my friends. And i thought that everyone gets what he deserve! But that's not my case...
I love to share all i have and all i learnt about Papa Roach. I thought i was the same for all the fans...
Whatever, someone treated me like shit because i shared on the papa roach page i made (for sharing pictures and more with the fans) a picture that i found on the web (a picture of Jacoby on Stage) because it was her picture. So i told her that i didn't know and there's no problem if she wants me to delete it! And she said it's ok if i write her name above the picture (So i do!)
And the next day, i go on her FB profile and i saw that she called me names with her friends!! (papa roach fans too). But WHAT THE FUCK?! She humiliated me like shit. I'm feeling really upset and have some doubts about the "Papa Roach Family" ...
So i decided i'm gonna stop that page. I feel like i don't wanna share with all now. But just my truly friends... That's too bad!!!

  1. Ludo. avatar

    On Feb 29, Ludo. said:

    Moi je dirais meme plus que c'est etrange ^^

  2. FRED. avatar

    On Feb 27, FRED. said:

    HAHA xD Il est fort possible que ce soit la premiere option!!! Puisque vu ses photos, elle aime beaucoup et très très particulierement jacoby, c'est étrange n'est ce pas? : )

  3. Ludo. avatar

    On Feb 27, Ludo. said:

    Bah une fille qui crois qu'elle sera sa femme ou une fille de 13 ans qui se prends pour une fille de 20 etc x)

  4. FRED. avatar

    On Feb 27, FRED. said:

    HAHA ben écoute, qu'est ce que tu appelles une pisseuse??? Il se pourrait bien que s'en soit une en effet.... Mais j'pense que c'est pas une fan c'est pas possible xD Surment une groupie haha, c'est plus probable!

  5. Ludo. avatar

    On Feb 27, Ludo. said:

    Je suis sur que c'était une pisseuse non ?

  6. HARLEY. avatar

    On Feb 24, HARLEY. said:

    fred just speak with me about it all honey!!!

  7. FRED. avatar

    On Feb 23, FRED. said:

    Marty I don't know why she acted like this, she's maybe too selfish... But don't worry i already share what i have with you one time and i'll continue! ;) And it's the same for my good fans friends !! I won't private everyone to get what i have!
    You're right Joe! It happened to me too with a drawing of Jacoby, and the girl even told that the drawing was from her. But i didn't care i was glad to see my drawing as profile picture! And that's no a reason for me to treat her like shit... I was maybe like, Thank you to share my drawing you know!haha And if it's a fan and that she make good use of it there's no problem!
    And finally thank you so much!! For all that messages that comforts me. And make me sure that the Papa Roach's still alive! I'll never tell enough that i thank you my friends! :') Thank you to be there!

  8. [*Roach'sFallenStarr*] avatar

    On Feb 22, [*Roach'sFallenStarr*] said:

    Curses!!! That's tragic:( I think it's really great that you share what you love with other Roachers because it's really uplifting! Too bad that others don't appreciate that and misuse your kindness and generosity. So sorry this happended to you but don't let it stop you from doing what you love!

  9. Jacoby Shaddix 93 avatar

    On Feb 22, Jacoby Shaddix 93 said:

    I don't like how she acted against you.
    It's stupid... maybe her is jelous about more things that you've got here and that you passed with the guys.
    The pity that you don't share with you want on FB.
    I love to see your pictures and drawings.
    But you know the truth,you know that you do a same thing.

  10. JJ_P-Roach avatar

    On Feb 22, JJ_P-Roach said:

    That has happened to me too, but I didn't act like her.. A guy from the italian fan page took my photos and uploaded them both on his own profile and on the group without saying they were mine.. Then the group turned into a page and my pics have been uploaded there too..but I didn't tell him "hey, that's my photo, you don't have to put on your profile & co.." i just thought " ok, he didn't say they are mine, but who cares! If he upload them, he likes them, and so I'm proud of my photos, even if people tell him and not me that those photos are great" :)

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