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im 13 years olds, the most importing thing to me is my family and my freinds. im also learning how to play the guitar, anyone got any tips? im absoulutley in love with 30 seconds to mars, my number 1 fave band, saw them in wembley arena on the 23rd february.... it was fuckn amazing. im seeing them again on november 30th and i absolutley can`t wait!!!!! one of my dreams in life is to meet jared leto, shannon leto, tomo Milicevic and tim Kelleher. i got loads of fave bands.
30 seconds to mars
dear superstar
papa roach
heavens basement
madina lake
the blackout
bullet for my vallentine
foo fighters

people i have met:
all of heavens basement (including richie before he left)
all of dearsuperstar
dan from new device
i almost met matthew from madina lake, i was stood 2ft in front of him though, just didnt speak to him.

if you wanna know anything else about me, feel free to ask.

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