Wed, Jun 23, 2010 at 4:37 PM By: RioterWesley67

simply tell me anything you want to tell me :]
i want to get alot of answers to this haha.

  1. V2Vlover avatar

    On Aug 10, V2Vlover said:

    well it might be a little late to be commenting but oh well :)
    uh i love music i was in a band we broke up, umm most of my friends are guys just cuz they cause way less drama then girls :) uh i have a bf and he is to sing and write music i love to dance in the rain :) i live in oklahoma which is pretty much the most boring place ever, umm yea i think thats all got anymore questions just ask :)
    P.S your a cuty putooty :)

  2. tears dont fall avatar

    On Jul 13, tears dont fall said:

    i'm pregnant

  3. Beccccaaa avatar

    On Jul 11, Beccccaaa said:

    And waw Australia, sounds lush :)

  4. Beccccaaa avatar

    On Jul 11, Beccccaaa said:

    I Dont Mind Rain That Much But Not All The Time, Especially Now 'Cause It's Summer And I Can't Do Much Like Beach And Shizzle :P

  5. RioterWesley67 avatar

    On Jul 10, RioterWesley67 said:

    well thats never a pleasant thing when you arent expecting, but im sure you have some support.
    and everything will be alright :]

  6. RioterWesley67 avatar

    On Jul 10, RioterWesley67 said:

    i usually love the rain when it actually happens haha.
    but after awhile i guess i would get sick of it too :]
    and i lived in Australia for awhile and would love to go visit there again :]

  7. tears dont fall avatar

    On Jul 09, tears dont fall said:

    i'm sad cause i might be pregnant

  8. Beccccaaa avatar

    On Jul 08, Beccccaaa said:

    It's alright.. Like all the beauty from where Ilive is like quite far which sucks.and its hard to enjoy with all the shitty rain :/ :L

  9. RioterWesley67 avatar

    On Jul 08, RioterWesley67 said:

    haha. well very interesting, ive never had the chance to visit Whales :]
    but i hear its beautiful.
    and sorry to hear that, what did you get stiches for?

  10. Beccccaaa avatar

    On Jul 07, Beccccaaa said:

    Thought I May Aswell Post A Comment Cause Im Kinda Bored xD
    I'm Nearly 16, And I Live In Wales :)
    I Love Music Very Muchly And Ofcourse Papa Roach Is My All Time Favourite Band
    I Love Piercings x)
    I Love Photography :)
    And I Just Love To Chill In The Sun With My Mates And Drink ;)

    P.S I Think Your Hot >.

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