1. Busta avatar

    On May 19, Busta said:

    here's a pic of the belt buckle: http://paparoach.s3.amazonaws.com/media/10/06/large.59glz427o074.jpg

  2. MamaRoach7 avatar

    On Oct 20, MamaRoach7 said:

    Thanks for commenting on my meet and greet picture... it was fucking awesome meeting the band! Everything kind thing that anyone told me about the band was 100% true... just an all around amazing experience!!! I baked them cookies... Jacboy handed one out to everyone... I was too nervous to eat one... he said he could 'taste the love!' It was VERY cool! Keep on roaching!

  3. Dragon Slayer avatar

    On Oct 09, Dragon Slayer said:

    whats up dude

  4. yzlover avatar

    On Sep 13, yzlover said:

    I would love to tell you why PR is the best live band on the planet but I haven't been able to see them live yet! haha

  5. pacarp7 avatar

    On Aug 26, pacarp7 said:

    Tell me why you think Papa Roach is the best live band on the planet! Do you think Papa Roach should be headlining X-fest? I sure as Hell do!!!

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