Let it Storm

Thu, Jun 11, 2009 at 7:05 AM By: Design-Twenty1

One of the most awesome experiences that I have witnessed is the storms that I have endured. For example the time I was in Kentucky. I was playing basketball witha couple of friends and the weather was real hot and humid. The clouds were real puffy white cumulus, and they within the hour started to get real dark. Suddenly everything turned a blue-ish green and a gust of wind block my shot at the hoop and it happened. Sirens started blowing , Tents started flying away, Garbage bins toppled over, and I was running for my life. If ound myself in a bad situation where I was running through the wooded area to get to shelter. My older brother seen ahead of me, I followed. We got to a brick building and up against a wall away from the glass entrance way. I looked up for an instant, and the lights went out and the blue-ish green scene outside turned black. After minutes of raging winds, loud crackling thunder, and the screams of the trees and debris, it was over.

This was the utmost AWESOME experience of my life. Because I am able to live through the crazyness of trying to seek to shelter and feel the wrath of this amazing burst of energy we call the weather.

Cannot wait to another second, I have to check the radar with my weather.com widget, Good Talk - See you out there!

  1. XFatalAfflictionX avatar

    On Sep 08, XFatalAfflictionX said:

    thts crazy!!! i love that kind of weather, like tornadoes and stuff.. me and my boyfriend even chase em from time to time its almost beautiful lol

  2. Angel*From*Down*Under avatar

    On Jul 18, Angel*From*Down*Under said:


  3. hayles2121 avatar

    On Jul 16, hayles2121 said:

    wow that storm sounds pretty intense but at the same time awesome

  4. inbar avatar

    On Jun 11, inbar said:

    must be kinda scary.. xD

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