Mon, Apr 5, 2010 at 9:13 AM By: ~LiTtLe CiNdErElLa~

what is love? when u love you get hurt. when u love u r with one guy/girl, when u love you fight, cry, hit, scream, say things you don't mean, so why love? why not just go and be with people but not love? do u think he/she is the one? do u ask you self,"I this it? is this person the one i been waiting for?" or do u tell ur selfs "hey its just another guy/girl whats the big deal? so what if she/he gets hurt." well i ask my self all the time what is love. i thought i had the answer when he cam in to my life but i was wrong. he was a user and no good trash. yes i am whit trash who cares because i am a loving and caring young girl who is just asking for a little love evan friend love! some affection! some one to care for me as i wonder on in to life tryn to find out the meaning of love. the reason we live. the reason i loved him, and the reason i cant move forth.

  1. crazyrockchic96 avatar

    On Apr 16, crazyrockchic96 said:

    don't have a clue wot love is coz i never had anyone 2 fell that sort of feeling wiv .
    i know i am being dead cheesy don't mind me okay x

  2. Hero of War avatar

    On Apr 13, Hero of War said:

    dunno i ask the same question when i think about you. Lol =P

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