meant to be??

Mon, Feb 8, 2010 at 2:36 PM By: ~LiTtLe CiNdErElLa~

Is our love meant to be? is your word to me true?
does your heart say yes? does it beat fast like mine?
does my love for you mean any thing at all?
does my pain i feel come from you?
do you have pain when we fight?
your word means nothing. your love means it all.
why do you not see this? my love for you is strong.
stronger then ever.
i tear up thinking of the lost that may be heading my way.
dear you are my every thing i wish you could just see that. feel my heart beat the same as yours. tell me once more we are not meant to be.

  1. Travis Henline avatar

    On Feb 10, Travis Henline said:

    that is what i am going through with my ex girlfriend right now

  2. avatar

    On Feb 09, said:

    he dosent even love u

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