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About God Blessed

Whats up, I was born in Camp Pendleton, Oceanside, California(it little north of LA). Have a band called GodBlessed. Weve been with each other for about 6 months (since november 5) n already got 20 songs been writing them since i was 13 so far got 50 song lyrics writeen just need the actual bass guitar n drum parts n knew these guys since 2nd grade. We a little garage band but can rock. Was inspired by some of the legendary bands n the best band ever Papa Roach. Im a rocker, skater, n tough fighter.been a fan of Papa Roach ever since the release of their album Infest. My friends that play with me in my band are like brothers n I love playing with them at little gigs n who knows maybe while be opening act for Papa Roach in few years. The name for the band GodBlessed actually came to be when my gramps was singing a song to my when i was 5 talking bout how god blessed me each time i woke up and now everytime i come from a fight he says that gods still blessing me. Still more to story but screw it to lazy to write i got some music to write. VIVA LA CUCARACHA!!!!!!!

Some people say that pain shouldnt be loved since ur only killin yourself. Yall just dont understand what it is pain is a sort of inspiration, a lifeline, somethin that shows u ur livin n still kickin, HELL its a awakenin to me and thats y i say ahhhhhh pain... beautiful glorious awakening pain. It my mark n so are the scars on me from my fights n gigs. Also am emo so if u dont like it stfu gtfo and deal with it cuz i am who i am i do cut myself n dont care. No how to deal with pain more than ever. Am single n kinda dont like it. Nything else u wanna no just ask.

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