Dead inside

Thu, Jun 3, 2010 at 8:27 AM By: God Blessed

You can tell me that I'm never alive
Always say I'm fuckin up life
The pain the suffering that I have faced
Always being called a disgrace

The ones I loved pushed me out
I have nothin to do but fuckin shout
My soul crumbling in it's wake
WTF for gods sake

You took that knife and stabbed my heart
Now nothing to do but fall apart
My blood pouring like a ocean
All you said was OH SHIT

I'm dead inside cause of you
Only if u fuckin knew
The pain suffering and sorrow I live with
All when you thought I was stitched

If I wasn't dead inside
I wouldn't be myself just another stripe
Kill me now I don't mind
Take that knife and put it inside

You say I'm not alive not with pride
Alli got to say is Im glad I'm dead inside

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