trashed n crashed

Thu, Jun 24, 2010 at 11:16 AM By: God Blessed

Hey all yall been in a party that has been crashed right. U no the people come screw it up everyone leave. Freakin sucks when thoughs jackasses come n break most of the stuff in one place. They broke his flat screens, the window, his doors, slashed his car tires n took its engine, n even more crap. Now my friends in trouble with his parents for the mess n is bitchin everyday to everyone even to me n our lil group of friends we mainly hang with. Even after the fact that all of us said that well help him to get the money. We already got him a new engine n supercharged his car from the money me n ricky were savin n now need lots more to fix.
Well peace gotta find more stuff n more money

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