Wed, Jun 30, 2010 at 10:19 AM By: SCAR89

Im finaly free!

Exams are over and now i get a three month break before going to college!!
Ugh, i will definatly not be missing my high school, i had plenty of good times but im glad its over now.

Anyone miss there high school days>??

  1. SCAR89 avatar

    On Jul 01, SCAR89 said:

    I dnt even remember my junior school (and that was in a different city) I got really bored of my high school at the end y'know, I just wanted it over. Lol I think I'm gunna love college though.

  2. Mariaa avatar

    On Jun 30, Mariaa said:

    i miss junior and senior year!!!! :(

  3. miss nothing avatar

    On Jun 30, miss nothing said:

    oh hell no!!!

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