what d'ya think>>>??????

Fri, Jul 31, 2009 at 5:41 AM By: SCAR89

Hi everyone, (I know you love me jks lol, no, I know you do really!)
YOU BETTA FINISH READING ALL OF THIS!! Ow!! (Ash just slapped me =( ..... Oh I was supposed to say please, tut an honest mistake, how was I supposed to know! Ow!) ………..PLEASE.

I made this advertisement thing, tell me what you think and IF you visit the site tell me what you think of it and do you think it works?????

ANYWAY my friend just set up this new site and I’m the main… I dunno what d’ya call it…. Umm… thing. Basically it’s a site that helps people with things like depression, suicide, self harm, that kinda thing but its totally anonymous, you post your story and other people comment on it and im there to lyk help out and stuff (surprising I know!! But I actually have experience doing these sort of things… who’d have figured??? lmfao) umm.. whatelse.. oh yh we don’t care about your race or religion or stuff lyk that.. bla bla bla ….. umm…and… yh…

The site is: http://afterhardshipwillalwayscomeease.wordpress.com/

Or type in AHWACE into google which stands for: After Hardship Will Always Come Ease. Why she didn’t call it ‘Hardship 2 Ease’ lyk I wannid it 2 be, I have no idea (no one ever listens to me….. sad really….)

We sponsor a charity called: Twloha (wtf??) which stands for: To write love on her arms (I lyk that name actually, its not bad….)

BUT!!! (don’t go yet! Ow!!....umm… please…) even if for some strange reason you just happen to NOT want to post anything or write a comment on someone else’s story then, ~duck~ PLEASE! take the time out to donate to the charity we sponsor its absolutely FREE (I’m beginning 2 sound lyk a bloody advertisement now! Lol) just click on DONATE NOW on the right hand side, rate the video (you don’t even have to watch it!!) then leave a comment -it’s completely anonymous, you can make up the name! (wow I’m good at this lol jks!!!)

See you there! Oh wait on the site I use my more FAMOUS name Killer Shadow (it’s what most people know me as) oh and my friend Nick has written his story on there too (so you betta read it, it took me ages to make him to do it for me) OW!!........ummm… PLEASE????? ~duck~ haha he missed me! OW! WHAT!??!??!!! Oh. Thank you!

Warning: All paedophiles, perverts and general creeps will be beaten, trampled and stamped on.
Any survivors will be prosecuted!

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    On Aug 03, SCAR89 said:

    Thanx, i help alot op people personally, you know. but this way anyone can do it

  2. Bloody Corpse avatar

    On Aug 02, Bloody Corpse said:

    Cool that you want to help people!!!!!!!!

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