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    On Aug 12, lucian_702 said:

    it was plant class that i failed. that class was interesting but i had alot of other stuff going on in my life at the same time. Kale's is doing good, naughty as ever. and getting naughtier and naughtier as each day passes. i hope that little baby is doing better. when they're that little there is on;y so much you can do because their bodies are so delicate :( i know i felt bad whenever Kale had a bad cold and all i could do was give him tylenol. sorry for the late reply once again. i had a whole comment all written out and was about to send it, but, my moms laptop over heated and shut off on its own. Alaska is different. depends on where you are though. Fairbanks is a little town but big at the same time i guess you would say. but, it's not quiet at all what so ever like some other little towns. it's about a four hour drive from Anchorage. i'll get back to later on. Kale's keeps getting into stuff to get my attention because he's tired and wants to be whiny. ttylz

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    On Jul 13, lucian_702 said:

    damn, i haven't been on here in a looooonngg time, lol. i can't believe i missed the email notifying me that you sent a comment replying back. that's the time i really login on here. you taking summer classes or no?? or are you done? i've been doing alright. i hope you read this >.< i thought i was going to get my associates in june but my science teacher failed me so have to get those 5 credits plus an extra 2 more for social sciences :( bummer. sooooo, i go back for fall quarter. all i need is 7 but i might as well go as a full time student and get my financial aid ;o) my son is getting so big. he's gonna be 18 months already on the 23rd of this month. only a week and a couple days till then. how did you do on the drivers test you took back in december??? did you have to take it more than once? i'm up in Alaska right now visiting my mom and brother. it's soooooo freaking boring here!!! alot of my friends moved out of town and the ones who still live here, i really don't care to see. they've been getting into trouble lately and i'm not trying to be around that shit. i was looking forward to hanging out with my brother while i was up here. getting out of the house and all that stuff. but his dumbass went back to jail. pisses me off that he actually let that happen AGAIN!!! he just got out not even two month before he got arrested this last time. big dummy huh? the only place i go is to bingo. lol, i know that sounds so lame but i'm addicted to it while i'm up here. they don't have casinos up here :( now thats lame >.< it's been awhile since i've been in a place where there are no casinos what so ever. how's your summer going? well, i hope to hear back from you!!! i'll be checking my email often :) i gotta get to bed so i won't sleep all day!! ttylz

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    On Oct 05, lucian_702 said:

    hey there! sorry i've been such a stranger!! geez, i don't like using my blackberry to get on here. it's not as easy as getting on a regular computer and signing and doing all that other crap. but, i hardly use my laptop anymore. it seems like every time i turn it on Kale starts to get all fussy >.< it's like he knows, lol. how did your summer go??? i hope good. how are your classes going??? went to a concert this last friday. seen 3 days grace and A7X. there was loads of other bands there but we got there a little late and i wanted to walk around until 3DG and A7X came on. i don't know, i'm not a very big fan of bullet for my valentine and seether. seether has a couple good songs out but i really follow their work. or bullet for my valentine either. but i got hella drunk at that concert. oh my goodness, it was ridiculous, some of the stuff i did and said. lol, it was so stupid. well, i just got a text from the babysitter. Kale needs to be picked up early, i'm at school right now using one of their computers. i better go :) i hope to hear back from you! take care

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    On Jun 25, lucian_702 said:

    Hey, well I got some stuff I turned in but not all of it. Kale's doing good. Getting big and brattier everyday that passes ; ) he's lucky he's such a cute baby or else j/k ;o) well, I'm heading down to cali on next monday, the fourth of July. I'm excited. And I will be going to that concert up in fairbanks in july. Yay. Yeah, i don't need a guy like that. Things were going really good though. Anywayz, good thing I'm going out of town soon. Or else I'd be going crazy with nothing to do during the day. I'm so used to having to go to school all the time. I'll start getting restless. How are things going you?? Are you having a nice weekend???

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    On Jun 14, lucian_702 said:

    hey there. welllzzz, Chris broke up with me that night that i sent you the last comment lol. some things aren't meant to be i guess :o) i'm over it though. i talked to a friend about it and he said what i wanted and needed to hear so that gave me some closure. i'm almost done with this quarter. almost o.O i got mass work to turn in still. the deadlines on thursday :'( i'ma try and get all that i can turned in >.< ugh, i can't wit till this summer (well actually it already started, lol) i'm going to head down to cali to see my family and so they can get a chance to finally meet Kale my son. and then i'm probably going to go back up to Alaska for a couple weeks. hopefully i do so i can finally go to a Proach concert again. i missed their show down here and was pissed about it. but they'll be performing up there in Fairbanks July 29th. it'd be awesome if i can make it ;D well anywhoo, i better get back to my school work. how did that "practical" thing for your driving go??? i forgot what you called it ;o) talk to ya laterz

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    On May 31, lucian_702 said:

    hey there!!once AGAIN, sorry for the late reply >.< what did you name your baby cousin???? that's awesome ; ) yeah i am getting help but none from the sperm donor a.k.a the father. it's still kinda hard. i have my moments where i have to step back from the whole baby thing for a minute and take a breather. i found out that all i need is 36 more credits to go and i'll be done at this college, bummer. there's still some elective classes that i want to take over o.O but oh well. at least i got to take Salish wool weaving again. but i'm not earning any credits for that class since i took it already, i'm earning CEU's gotta new b/f o.O hopefully he's better than the last. the timing isn't all the great though. i need to be concentrating on my school work not him ;P how's everything going for you?? how's your studies going? damn, summer kinda just crept up on meh. did it seem like that for you too? my birthday's this sunday. it seemed like it came so fast. well just thought i'd reply back really fast. i'll talk to ya laterz ;o)

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    On Apr 09, lucian_702 said:

    hey there. i had a baby boy. his name is Kale Cameron Rose. he'll be 11 weeks tomorrow. i'm back down in Washington now. i started school again. it's a bit of a struggle at times, taking care of a baby and going to school at the same time. i'm glad that your first exams went good ;) i didn't get a good GPA last quarter for school. i went from the deans list down to a 2.7 GPA. damn, that sucks. i did have a 3.6. that's a big accomplishment for me. anywhoo, how's everything going for you at the moment???? i hope good. have you ever seen that movie the hurt locker??? i think it's a good movie. i like movies that have to do with war for some reason. i guess i'm a action junkie or something ;D i wish i knew how to download pictures in that "about me" area on here. i would put up a picture of Kale so you could see what he looks like. he's so freakin cute!!! his eyes change color. he has reddish light brown hair though. he must get that from his fathers side of the family. quite a few of those Aleuts up there in Alaska have that color of hair. wellllllzzz, i'm going to go for now. i'll talk to you laterz ;o)

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    On Mar 09, lucian_702 said:

    hey. i've been okay. i had a baby back in January. he came a month early though. things have been a little hectic since. i'm back up in Alaska. my moms been helping me out with the baby for the past month and a half. i'm going back to Washington Aprl 2nd for spring quarter. and that person i was talking about, the one who sent the fucked up text....... she wasn't drunk. she meant everything she said. i don't care though. she can say whatever she wants and i feel sorry for the people who have to listen to her B.S. are you still having a hard time with the classes. damn, i haven't been on here in a while. how have you been?? i hope good. i found out the message thing on here is working again ;D lol. i'm such a dork. well, i'ma get going for now. i'll tal to you soon hopefully........ ; )

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    On Jan 15, lucian_702 said:

    hey, you still failing your classes XP j/k how are you?? i didn't really get online that often when i was up in Alaska. my mom has a computer and everything but i was really in the internet mood when i was up there. or else i would've replied sooner. did you celebrate new years or no?? lol, you don't HAVE to be christian to celebrate x-mas, lol. anywayz, my x-mas was kinda slow. i really didn't do much. just laid my moms house most of the day. wow, i just got this messed up text from somebody. this one chick. dude, she has major problems. i didn't do anything to her. she all calling me names and shit in the text. she must be drunk or something. i don't know where all this shit talking is coming from. DAMN, lol. it's so ridiculous. i wish the message thing on here worked i would tell you what she was saying. anywayz, i'ma go now. ttylz

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    On Dec 25, lucian_702 said:

    hey there. is it still snowing there?? it really hasn't snowed all that much since i've been fairbanks. it warmed up today. it was only like 9 below or something. and that's pretty warm compared to a few nights ago. a few nights ago it was about 40 below. anywayz, what u been up to?? i hope your weekend is going better than mine >.< i was majorly bored today!!!! really haven't done much since i've been up here. well i'm going to go for now. i'll talk to you later.

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