Sun, Nov 7, 2010 at 1:06 AM By: vadergirl78

on the brighter side, i do not get to babysit for 3 weeks or more. Cory gets their wild behavior hahaha. it is quiet here. yesterday was my friend pam's 46th birthday.
miss Matt. he been on the feild alot lately. we hardly see each other . or even text or call. wish he was here. he hardly has off. in case you did not know he is in the army. he is a private. serving his 4th year there and will be release soon in july. i hope so. then i can see him every day.
my dad was a sargent in the navy. then went on to be an electrican for general moters. for 35 yrs. married to my mom for 28 yrs. before he died. they would been married for 40 yrs. if he was still alive. he worked since he was 9 yrs old . supporting his parents and his siblings he was construction worker, boxer, martial atrist, he loved to paint and build model planes ans model cars. beside putting actual cars together. he worked if he was tired or sick in a blizzard. but, if me or my siblings got sick. he would have taken off work to care 4 us. he was my role model

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