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About Gina (:

I want you Kyle(: Forever? Mhm, forever and beyond. Til death do us part? Fuck that, I want you beyond death as well. Never shall I leave your side, no matter what happens, I'm yours.
I Love You don't ever forget that, no matter what happens ok?
I only get jealous, cause I love you.
^.^ Don't everrr listen to anyone, it's me and you...forever. Never apart. Always together.
My heart? Is yours. Got that?(: I miss you, cause you're addiction. I cant get enough.

R.I.P Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan
R.I.P Draven Marx
R.I.P Georgia Gemmel
R.I.P James Matthew Cecil
R.I.P Bryce Alexander
R.I.P Antonio Lee Brands
R.I.P Devin Parker Gordon

If I Could Make A Staircase Of Tears I Would Walk To Heaven & Bring You All Home.

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