Wed, Sep 16, 2009 at 10:37 AM By: IlonaSonne

Every day we have the chance to change something in our lifel!
I thought that I lost this feel to joy each moment of my life! but today I did some things that made me to be happier than I was!
1st I started to draw.It looks crazy,maybe,but one simple cartoon made me to say ,,That's the best thing that I did today!!''.Everyone was laughing and saying ,,What a drunk bee?!'',but actually I was excited when I realised that not only me likes it and is laughing on it,'cause it looks really childish!!
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2nd I was walking wtih my cousin around the city! finally we are understandig each other))
3rd I saw the video of one of my fav songs-Let's Get Outta Here-Madina Lake! I don't know if it is new,but it was... not how I was expecting!
Anyway,Today was a good day!
LIVE EACH MOMENT OF YOUR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
btw,what's the best thing that you did today..or in an other day?)!

  1. Evi~ avatar

    On Feb 15, Evi~ said:

    1. I joined this sait (or I don't really know how this word is in English)) x)
    2. I went to the cinema with my friends) it was great))
    and 3. is still waiting for me in future, I hope so))
    p.s. I think the bee is very cute =)

  2. Yogi avatar

    On Dec 18, Yogi said:


  3. Fluffnation avatar

    On Sep 18, Fluffnation said:

    well i ate pizza it was a boring day

  4. IlonaSonne avatar

    On Sep 16, IlonaSonne said:

    tnx very very very much!

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