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About IlonaSonne

Hello, and Welcome to my Jungle!!! Hihihiiii!!
Just kidding! It's been 3 years since I am in this PR club, and I am so happy that I've made many friends on here, to whom I speak even outside the frameworks of it!
Studying Foreign Languages and Literatures, I understood that there is nothing more important than communication with other people, and working for a long time in a hostel, I've realised that one should understand the cultural sides of every nation, as well as its taste in music. I am happy to meet persons from around the world that really appreciate rock music, and with them I can join and watch every death metal and/or any rock concert that happens in my city (with local bands, of course).
I love acting and photography, as you see. I can't claim that I am a good photographer, but I am better at modelling :D
But still, these old pictures on my account show how I was like a year or two ago. And again, I can't claim that I am better now, but I am different. Physically, emotionally and psychic :D

Music is my passion anyway.
Feel free to add my as a friend, and who knows, maybe some day we will have the chance to see each other in real circumstances :P

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