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So I've Never Been Too Good At This...
My name is Gloria. I'm 18. I graduated from Lowndes
Academy in May. I adore my husband and
have great friends. I love art and music! I enjoy
hanging out and going to shows (EASY KIDDO is ridiculously
awesome. check them out)! I love writing and reading.
Some people call me a poet...some call me emo...I really
don't care either way. I'm just different is all. Around
here, that gets you shunned. I'm a really quiet person until
you're on my good side..if I go out of my way
to talk to you, you must be doing something right.
I like really random things from speaking german to watching
cartoons.Sometimes I burst into random song, even
though I don't think I can sing. I'm hopelessly awkward
and shy, yet I'm a spaz and tend to zone out. Most of
the time I really have no idea what you're talking about..
and I don't watch too many movies or too much tv...
so your quotes mean nothing. XD My absolute favorite band
(besides Easy Kiddo of course ;]) is Avenged Sevenfold,
judge me if you will. I pretty much listen to
I'm sure we will find some common ground somewhere.
I'm kind of obsessive compulsive and if you spend a lot
of time around me this is pretty evident. I've been known
to be an emotional train wreck. I like photography and being
outside..I know I'm generic..but I try not to be. I have
many scars..but they are fading away. Ok so..I got married in June and finally
moved away from home..only 15 minutes..but still
away. Don't get me wrong, I love my family...but its
time for some freedom. =] I can't wait to get some
tattoos and dye my hair again. ^_^ oh the joy! haha
I'm also glad to get out of school and have some
free time. Hopefully, I will start college in a year or so.
>.< okay, so I'm rambling and you probably don't
care much about what I'm saying..haha anyway.
If there is anything I managed to leave out just ask..
I would love to talk to you. :]

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