eclipse kinda sucked..

Wed, Jun 30, 2010 at 1:33 AM By: paparoachundead2028

i went to see eclipse with my friends daniel, david, chacho (also known as vincente), esther, susana, monica & jose tonight. we originally went to see the midnight premier but it was sold out when we got there so we bought the 1 am tickets. we got there like 5:30 and walked around the mall until about 10 when we got in line for our show. we were first in line so that was nice..and chacho was really having fun, since most of the people there were girls lol. he was hitting on almost every girl he saw there. he started talking to one behind us in line and tried to find her after the movie to get her number but she was gone. we sat on the floor for almost 3 hours in line before we could go in to see the movie, and like half an hour before it actually started. i thought it was kind of boring, and so did everyone except david. he said he was going to buy it on "double platinum discs with behind the scenes and special features & watch it every day." butby the time it was over it was amost 3 am so everyone was like almost asleep..i would spend 3 hours on the floor again any day over watching it again. the movie wasnt that bad, but on the floor i was sitting between 2 of the funniest guys i know (david & chacho) and my boyfriend (daniel). so that was better than the whole movie..has anyone else seen it yet?

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