my life so far this summer... :]

Tue, Jul 20, 2010 at 8:06 PM By: paparoachundead2028

so ive had an interesting summer so far. i have some new friends. david, whos my best friend susana's boyfriend was the first one. he can make anyone laugh just by looking at him. literally. we were having a contest to see who could go longest without laughing when we were standing facing each other. as soon as you look at him you start laughing. theres just something about his face. he has little "elf ears", according to other people. i never noticed it, but now i do. they do look like elf ears lol. then through him i met chacho & daniel. chachos real name is vincente. idk why people call him chacho. he can make anyone laugh too. or if hes in a bad mood everyone else feels it too. everyones mood kinda depends on his. and dan is quiet around me. after the first time i met him, david kept telling me dan really liked me. so dan started coming over to my friends karina & susanas house every day with david and so i was around him a lot. then a couple weeks ago i saw on facebook it said he was in a relationship with this incredibly ugly girl named becky. her nose is like as big as my dogs head. seriously. susana was really mad at dan, cause he had liked me so much. but becky didnt like him like that, she just found out he was after another girl, me. so she had to have him. but yesterday susana came over and was like "guess what?" daniel broke up with becky after 2 weeks cause he likes me better. so i was happy about that lol.
and last weeek i went with susana & my other friend esther to esthers house to go swimming & then to the festival going on downtown. then we went back to susanas house, which is next door to mine. i spent the night there, but i didnt leave a note for my parents. they knew i who i was with, and that i was going to be out late. the next day my dad grounded me for not telling them where i was. my mom said she was scared when i wasnt there when she got up. she couldve just called or come over. so i was really mad about that lol.
so far ive been to 4 concerts in like the last month. first i saw downstait at a block party, then james otto, then downstait again with adelitas way at the festival, then steel magnolia & josh thompson later that week at the festival. next month im gonna see gretchen wilson, eric church, danny gokey, the band perry & jerrod niemann. i like all of them except gretchen wilson.
we got a new cat too. his names deuce, after the guy in hollywood undead. hes black & white, and i actually think hes cute, since i dont really like cats.
i made my aunt mad at me. shes lived with us for like 2 years & i hate her. i was cooking something the other night & needed a pan out of the cabinet and she was standing in front of it. so i told her to move. she moved in front of the sink, where i was going next. so i told her i needed through again. later that night she told my little sister jasmine she couldnt waait until i turned 18 cause i never use my please & thank yous. idk what turning 18 does, though.
soo i think thats all i can think of now. but the summers not over yet, so i know more will happen lmao

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