1. Leticia Reis avatar

    On Dec 30, Leticia Reis said:

    Hey, you are accept :D
    Nice to meet you ^^

  2. Victor Victorovich Kirilov avatar

    On Nov 25, Victor Victorovich Kirilov said:

    Hello! You have very interesting profile! And unfortunately I have to inform you that on your page I knew first time about Mitch Lucker death... Sometimes I listen to Suicide Silence and I like a lot of their songs very much... RIP this guy... I followed to his Twitter...((

  3. Valentine14xD avatar

    On Oct 19, Valentine14xD said:

    I'm loving the A7X pic (the 4th one)Jimmy looks so cute.:D

  4. Mikeey avatar

    On Oct 13, Mikeey said:

    i'm doing great, how are you doing ?

    Thnx for the add!

  5. KaRii avatar

    On Sep 09, KaRii said:


  6. NickTheDark avatar

    On Aug 09, NickTheDark said:

    Hi! I'm really cool and how PRoAcH said still swinin' =D
    And how are you? =D

  7. RoachKitty avatar

    On Jul 31, RoachKitty said:

    Hi there^^
    thx 4 the add!

  8. RavenRyder1 avatar

    On Jul 30, RavenRyder1 said:

    Hahaha.. cool that I found someone who's understanding my sorrow :DD
    thehe jk^^ ;D

  9. RavenRyder1 avatar

    On Jul 29, RavenRyder1 said:

    Yeah that suxx.. :/
    Nothing to do in this boooring vacation.
    And I got 6 more weeks.. man I'm dying :D

  10. RavenRyder1 avatar

    On Jul 28, RavenRyder1 said:

    Me too .. I'm just bored as hell :D

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