1. FRED. avatar

    On Aug 12, FRED. said:

    Hii :) I love your profile picture!

  2. X Born to rock X avatar

    On Nov 25, X Born to rock X said:

    Nice pics honey ^^

  3. retarded_dinosaur avatar

    On Nov 24, retarded_dinosaur said:

    hey, its been awhile. how have you been?

  4. retarded_dinosaur avatar

    On Sep 02, retarded_dinosaur said:

    hey hows it goin?

  5. jacob1313 avatar

    On Aug 09, jacob1313 said:

    awesome tattoo

  6. Sundry♥ avatar

    On Aug 02, Sundry♥ said:

    Oh my god! It's your tattoo?? I am completely in love with it!! :D
    I want it like really bad, you have no idea(:

  7. ZombieGuy avatar

    On Jul 31, ZombieGuy said:


  8. csime217 avatar

    On Jul 29, csime217 said:

    aye aye howz it goin? long time no speak where u bin at? whts new? xxx

  9. csime217 avatar

    On Jul 06, csime217 said:

    lol ats arite en so what u do for a livin? im a welder soz its takin a while ti write u back lol jst bin afa busy. xxxx

  10. retarded_dinosaur avatar

    On May 19, retarded_dinosaur said:

    aw no i think all of it was right :}

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