1. m@x n. avatar

    On Dec 30, m@x n. said:

    hey how you doing?

  2. Danny74 avatar

    On Sep 18, Danny74 said:

    luv your pics....lucky girl!!!!

  3. Broken.Home avatar

    On Sep 01, Broken.Home said:

    Hey :)
    Hows it going?

  4. stephanie shaddix avatar

    On Jun 10, stephanie shaddix said:

    Hey everyone! How's everyone doingg? I hope everyone's doing fine!!

    Well right now, I'm listening to "Kick in the Teeth" and it is AMAZING

  5. TakumaDemonReborn avatar

    On Jan 25, TakumaDemonReborn said:

    awesome pics!! and awesome profile....please check out mine too!! =D

  6. Viva La Jessica avatar

    On Dec 06, Viva La Jessica said:

    I'm good! Just feel a little nauseous for some reason...and I really should be doing homework instead of being on here...hahah.

  7. Viva La Jessica avatar

    On Dec 05, Viva La Jessica said:

    heyyy! Thanks for the add!
    How are you!(:
    Your pictures with the guys are pretty much uhhhh-mazing!!

  8. BlackVeilBridesGirl avatar

    On Dec 05, BlackVeilBridesGirl said:

    I'm good : )

  9. BlackVeilBridesGirl avatar

    On Nov 29, BlackVeilBridesGirl said:

    Hey,How Are You? :]

  10. nerdie avatar

    On Nov 06, nerdie said:

    hiii stephanieeeeeee ^_^

    can you please cyber bite me? lol

    you gonna be at the san antonio show?

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