My questions*

Mon, Aug 3, 2009 at 11:39 AM By: Bloody Corpse

Here are some questions for you:
*when were you born
*whats your favorite color/flower/animal/book
*what do you like to eat/drink
*some friends (here)
*what do you like
*don't like
*what kind of a person are you
*the end*

  1. Mrs. Gates avatar

    On Aug 27, Mrs. Gates said:

    Born: February 18. 1994.
    Favorite Color: Black & Purple Together
    Favorite Flower: Blood Red Roses
    Favorite Animal: Dogs & Baby Tigers
    Favorite Book: ....
    Like To Eat & Drink: Popcorn & Hot Chocolate.
    Friends: You!!!! :)) (Alot)
    I Like: Jared Leto, Rock Music, Papa Roach, Linkin Park, 30 Seconds To Mars, Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin, Jacoby Shaddix, Synyster Gates, M. Shadows, Gerard Way, Adam Gontier, Horror Movies...
    I Don't Like: Paris Hilton, Shitney Spears, Tokio Hotel, Jonas Brothers...
    What Kind Of Person Are You?: Friendly...

  2. FRED. avatar

    On Aug 07, FRED. said:

    *when were you born: April 5th 1993
    *whats your favorite color/flower/animal/book: Black & White. .....
    *what do you like to eat/drink: Pizza xP and Coke
    *some friends: You? :)
    *what do you like: Papa Roach
    *don't like: A girl... (>_

  3. The Shadows Lurker avatar

    On Aug 03, The Shadows Lurker said:

    eehh and alot more friends but hes my fav to talk too!!

  4. The Shadows Lurker avatar

    On Aug 03, The Shadows Lurker said:

    *Born: Nov.1,1995
    *Fav Color: Black, white and red
    *Fav Flower: Blood red rose
    *Fav Animal: oo many =D
    *Fav Book, They bore me but the hollow kingdom
    *Like To Eat And Drink: slupee, and my dads pizza
    *What Do You Like: Music, hanging out with corey playing drums
    *Dont Like: day time, sun shine or cloudy nights with full moons (i have to see the moon!)

  5. Tess Wild avatar

    On Aug 03, Tess Wild said:

    *Born: Feb. 25, 1996
    *Fav Color: Black
    *Fav Flower: Rose, I Guess, Not Sure
    *Fav Animal: Dog And Ferret
    *Fav Book, Twilight Series, Or Vampire Kisses Series
    *Like To Eat And Drink: Mac And Cheese, And, Flavored Water
    *Friends: (Alot)
    *What Do You Like: MUSIC!!!LOVE IT!!!

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