Dear Superstar & Heaven's Basement Wakefield!

Wed, Mar 3, 2010 at 3:03 AM By: Hybrid911

Thursday 25th Feb
I'll start by saying once again I've managed to be blown away, but more than ever last night! In true me style I'll tell the story hahaha...
After picking Ben and Austin up and being stuck in traffic for 52 minutes on a piece of motorway that only takes ten to get to Wakefield from Leeds, we arrived at the venue which was LOVELY! Really fresh and new, some venues are well.... really grotty but this one isn't. I walk in the bar area and Micky (singer of DS) and Benj (drummer of DS) were sat with a laptop talking to Brian so I decided to join them for a bit while Ben and Austin went to fill their bellies with Subway.
Micky was saying about how after the tour they're going to take some time off to write the new album so I'm stoked about that because I love the new stuff more than ever! We were just generally chatting about anything then the DS guys went to go warm up (and have a cuppa) and sound check by this time Ben and Austin were back so we all had a few drinks and went upstairs. DS were still sound checking so I was singing along to Dressed like Halloween like the dedicated fruitcake I am! I know the words when I've only ever been able to hear it live! I could tell from the sound check they were going to sound brilliant - so much energy!!!
Spoke to Amadeus (bass player of DS) for a bit after sound check saying about how they're been delayed for a bit meaning they won’t be on until half nine because these other two bands were playing before the Crave who were on before them. Was cool to see him again! Love it when he sticks his tongue out and me and winks! Hahah Nina and Laura will know what I mean! Then Micky came over and asked us if we were staying behind to chat after the show, of course we were as usual, like to make a night of things.
I met Hannah and Emily for the first time, the twins! Was really great to see who I was tweeting! The first two bands were atrocious to say the least. If I could remember their names I wouldn’t name and shame them I’m too nice for that. Then it was time for The Crave! I didn’t think they were too bad and I thought they could possibly grow on me as the tour goes on. By this time DS started sound checking and I was leaning on the left speakers slightly so I could get a steady shot of their set and so my three inch heels decided to stop burning my feet.
Then Dear Superstar were playing, they opened with the newest one ‘Dressed like Halloween’, absolutely adore that song! Then played the usual new set list: diseased distraught, her greed my vanity, you glitter just like gold, never surrender never back down, anytime anyplace, their cover of Lola, Brothers in blood, Brink of destruction and Live, Love, Lie. I was singing my lil heart out cos I knew all the words (better than Micky I must say ;) ) and they just had so much energy. The sound system at the Hop is AMAZING! I could have just listened to them all night but they finished their set and it was time for Heaven’s Basement.
Ben and I decided to go stand nearer the back because we knew people would start pushing towards the end of their set and I had Bolton to think about the day after. At the back Amadeus, Micky and Stew were stood there and we were all discussing how amazing Johnny Fallen is and how he managed to cover for Richie with only two days practice and a weeks notice. He was sensational! I thought he was better than Richie (Sorry, had to be said!) because unlike Richie sometimes his voice carried to the back like Micky’s. I enjoyed the Heaven’s Basement set. Got a drumstick from Rivers so I was happy about that! Then after the show was talking to Amadeus again and how he planned to party hard in Bolton the day after and that we should join him. I was any way!!! :D

I’ll write about Bolton tomorrow or something, much more to add... x

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    On Mar 04, Pr 4 life said:

    sounds like an awesome night! glad you had fun x

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