LP 8-Bit Rebellion!

Mon, Apr 26, 2010 at 3:49 AM By: Hybrid911

AS PREDICTED, I'VE FINISHED IT in 2 and a half hours :D and I've finally heard the new Linkin Park song 'Blackbirds'! It's really, really different! I love it! You can go buy it in the app store now!

The game itself is really epic. It is easy because obviously a game like that is for an iPod... and what else can you really do on that?? It's amazing you get to talk to other fans... Ahhhh I love it! Also you get to customize a lot of things... And it really does make Linkin Park's world your gaming reality!

Been on a high since Dear Superstar in London! Had a great night with my best friend and fellow DS fans as well of course as the band themselves. It's great being good friends with them they're super guys!

Been sort of an agony aunt as of late as well, found that I'm really, really good at predicting things and being right about situations... hahah! There's also been a few developments on what I blogged about a few week ago!!!! :D x

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