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Fri, May 21, 2010 at 3:05 AM By: Hybrid911

As of tonight really I'm not gonna have until the 9th of June a free night or time to myself. I do kinda like having some time alone to just think things through or to just switch my brain off for a few hours.

Anyway, after the car accident I was in two week ago leaving me with whiplash, I've recovered quite nicely (infact, so well that I'm in fighting form again) and have received £1500 in compensation which is probably the most money I've ever been given to do whatever I want with, so I decided to buy an apple iMac and that's what I'm using now to blog again with. I absolutely adore it: far superior to my faithful, trusty computer which I'm still using but may be only for more important things. I've not got used to this thing 100% yet but it's a far shot away from what I was like using my best friend's iMac a few week ago. I'm spending the rest of the money on general things like gig tickets, clothes... nights out... You know the typical things 18 year olds spend shit on...

Leeds seems to have turned into Spain at the moment, we've had literally no rain for at least three week (record I swear..) and the temperatures are in the 20s! Which again, is very unusual especially for May. I went to the park yesterday and felt sick with the heat.. Being strawberry blonde in the heat is not good. My skins too fair and I don't know I just can't tolerate it very well.

Tonight I'm off on the Ilkley moors again with my dog. Ilkley is a place about 13 mile from Leeds (just an educated guess) where there's moors and hills and it's nice to escape city life once in a while. The views are fantastic and it's great to have a bit of peace and quiet.

Tomorrow I'm off shopping for last minute holiday essentials... Sunday my family are doing what we usually do and are going around to Grandma's to see each other. Boring to blog about I know, but on Monday the fun really begins. Monday my close friends and I are going for a meal, a few drinks and a game of bowling/arcades for my birthday in advance seeing as I won't be in the country for my Birthday and as soon as I get back I'm going to five of the Dear Superstar dates one after the other. I can't wait to just spend time with my nearest and dearest friends all together at once. We don't often get to do that due to busy lives... But everyone's making a real effort to come and I appreciate it.

Tuesday I have a driving lesson again I believe. I truly don't like driving any more ever since the bump. I wasn't good in cars to begin with due to nerves but now I'm more apprehensive. I just don't get any pleasure out of it. I thought I would initially but nah.. Just not my thing. I'd prefer to be driven everywhere in all honesty.

Wednesday I'm getting my hair done again... More highlights and a good trim.. It needs it cos it's looking some what scruffy now.

Thursday is finally the day I've been waiting for! Dear Superstar in Nottingham! Can't wait to see my friends, DS and crew (who i guess are friend's now...) and probably meet some new people as well. I always manage to make a friend at nearly every gig I've been to!

Friday early hours (literally after Dear Superstar) I'm flying to Majorca for a week's holiday with my entire family. I'm 19 on the 3rd of June which I'm quite looking forward to. I still don't look 19 though according to my friends (Last year when I was 17 meeting Papa Roach Jacoby predicted my age as 14... Cheers! ) but I sure damn can't wait to me a bit more of an adult.

Friday the day I come home is DS in Manchester again, followed by High Wycombe, Oxford, Camden and York!!! I'm going to be absolutely DEAD afterwards!!!


  1. PapahhRoachhLoveer. avatar

    On May 22, PapahhRoachhLoveer. said:

    Have a fantastic time in Majorca biatch.. you deserve it :)

  2. themudsharkinterview avatar

    On May 21, themudsharkinterview said:

    You haven't got much planned then, really?

    Enjoy yourself; sounds like it's going to be awesome. More importantly, Monday is my birthday. I'm going to be legal.

    Keep up the driving and then you get to pay really high insurance and have to fork out for rising fuel prices in the future.

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