Woot Woot!

Mon, Dec 27, 2010 at 5:04 PM By: Hybrid911

Hey everyone!

I had a lovely, exciting Christmas which felt like it lasted for an entire week! On Monday I went shopping for last minute gifts, Tuesday I went for a look around town with my best friend just generally spending time with each other. Wednesday my other best friend treated me to dinner and a film (Little Fockers) and it was great spending time with him too. Thursday I spent with my Grandma (we are very close, she's like a mum to me) and then it was Christmas eve and that was one of the nicest moments of my life.

I went to my Grandparent's house for a buffet with my cousins who I've only seen when I was a baby and my Uncle. My Uncle is one of the craziest guys ever and he's adamant he's taking me to Download Festival next year to see Linkin Park as he's desperate to see them. Can't argue with that! My cousin's are so lovely and it's great that they want to spend time with me and get to know me after 17 years.

Saturday was Christmas obviously and my Grandma and Aunty came to ours and my parents cooked us dinner. It was edible... But the best part was just spending time as a family. Sunday was brilliant. I went shopping and bought Super Mario Galaxy 2 and then went to Grandma's for a buffet with my Aunty and Uncle and other Aunty. So much food and then the most annoying, horrible thing happened with my stomach. I was sick 14 times and had the most horrific pain again that I used to get when I was growing up. I couldn't play any games or even talk just rolled up in a ball and cried except it hurt to curl up in a ball. My Mum wanted to take me to hospital but I've got a massive phobia of hospitals, doctors, medical equipment etc so I wasn't going to go willingly but I was worried it was something serious. After four hours of agony I finally came around...

I got some lovely presents, the best one of all been ESCAPE THE FATE LONDON TICKETS!!!! :D I am so excited!!!!


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    On Dec 27, Lexa said:

    i got sick too...

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