2011 - fresh start...

Tue, Jan 4, 2011 at 5:39 PM By: Hybrid911

I saw the new year in with a chinese takeaway and a Royle Family dvd before on New Years day we decided to go to the coast for a walk and a look around just to pass some time. The sea was really rough and we were scared of being pulled in from the road as the tide was in. Had a panini while I was there although I wanted nachos but the stall had closed by the time we got back there. Left Max at Grandma and Granddad's house because he's terrified of loud noises and if say a car backfired or a firework went off he would have ruined the walk for us.

Sunday we had a family meal at my Grandma's as always and then my best friend decided to pay a visit to mine for a quick catch up. We looked through photographs of the past and caught up on what we'd been up to - the usual really but it was lovely just spending time with someone I care about.

I wake up on Monday morning to 'Jade, open your door.. Something's happened.' Nearly had a heart attack - a thousand and one things ran through my mind - what If someone was ill, what if they'd died, what if Ghost (My oscar) had eaten another fish and choked... What if Max got hit by a car... Anyway, Dad said the car, which is always parked on our drive if my Dad's not at work, had been broken into over night and the sat nav had been stolen. "IS THAT IT?!" ... It's only a car, yes it's a very expensive sat nav that has been stolen and all the window was smashed which is excess on the insurance but did I need waking up to be told that? I am really, fuming mad that someone could come on to my property, vandalise the car and steal a sat nav that was locked away in the glove compartment under the seats. One thing for sure my Dad won't be leaving it in the car over night again. He'd only left it in after our trip to the coast as well. Opportunists looking for drug money probably which is absolutely no excuse to rob someone... It's not the fact it's been taken, it's the fact I'm now paranoid someone's walking around in my garden late at night. I don't like the idea of been vulnerable and that's worse than the inconvenience.

I went shopping yesterday and treated myself to a new pair of jeans to cheer myself up. I got home and the button had fallen off in the bag - which rendered them useless as with no button I can hardly wear them if they don't fasten! So I took them back to the shop today and got a quick exchange for the same pair just one with a button on. A boring piece of information but I'm trying to make myself tired enough to sleep. Monday really wasn't my day!

On the sleeping side of things I've managed to get back into bad habits of staying up really late and waking up really late. I've managed to cut caffeine out of my diet so i was quite annoyed when someone at spud-u-like gave me pepsi by accident.... Any way, I got into good habits when I started Uni and I'm really looking foreword to going back on Monday. I've met some lovely people who I'm looking forward to working with again.

I've been absolutely obsessed with Super Mario Galaxy 2 since Christmas. It has all the elements of a game I like such as so many different things to do and easy enough to complete but hard enough to keep you entertained. I've nearly completed it already and I'm disappointed because I don't think they'll make a third one and if they do surely they've ran out of ideas? It's not often I find a game that I like to play. I am a gamer and I do enjoy Xbox 360 and Wii (I've never been interested in a PS3 since I've got my 360) so if anyone can recommend any games that are good let me know.

I've also made my twitter private like my facebook because I'm tired of spamming DMs and weirdos following me. I do tweet a lot and one of my new years resolutions was to try to cut down on tweeting which I have done. I have 69,700 odd tweets - at least I can look back and remember what. I did/thought/said on whichever given day, not many people can say that they've documented their life effortlessly.

My tropical fish are fine now. I still can't get over I've lost three of the oscars i've had because of a broken filter and I can't believe how well my convicts are doing in their own tank. I've named them after Escape the Fate - sad but true.

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