Mon, Nov 23, 2009 at 1:44 PM By: Hybrid911

I’ve been refraining from venting this for a while because as I’ve said the voting thing is a bit of harmless fun and it does bring the community closer together and I’m all for wanting Papa Roach to win and having a bit of fun so hear me out. I know some of you will get on your high horse with me if you don’t agree, but so what, I have the right to an opinion and at least I’m being mature about this by not insulting Britney or her fans.

Some of you are just taking it WAY TOO FUCKING SERIOUSLY in the sense that you’re getting way too agitated and annoyed by some pathetic kids from the Britney fan base having a laugh on the site by posting some ridiculous things on the site that we wouldn’t dream of doing to another fan base. That’s because we are the better bunch of fans who love and support Papa Roach in a dignified manner that’s going to make the band proud that we’ve fought this battle to the end whether we win or not.

I love the fact how we’ve all rallied together and look how far we’ve come! THE FINALS! We should be over the moon we’ve come this far, beating off some of the even bigger bands. That’s an achievement in itself and I’m very proud of each and every one of us who has been voting our butts off responsibly without so much as an insult thrown at a member of the site or at a member of the site who is opposing us.

This dignity I speak of is sometimes lacking when some of you are responding to the threads with insults and putting Britney in a negative light just like her fans are putting Papa Roach down all the time. I am PROUD to be a Papa Roach fan and as a Papa Roach fan and a member of this site, you represent each and every one of us in a way when you post something on the forums.

Everything the Britney fans are doing they’re getting the same response back whether it’s insults or some sarcastic pathetic comment telling them to leave, which makes you if you’re doing this, as a papa roach fan, look bad and immature and it also reflects on the rest of us here who have just been voting as normal, whether we’ve been doing it the good old fashioned way or installing ghost software, without all the heebyjeeby madness!!

I think everyone should just calm down and ENJOY watching how well we are doing. I’m getting tired of seeing the Britney fans come on here thinking they own the place, but hey, once the fuse thing ends *thank the lord* whether we win or not, they’ll stop and the site will return to be a (somewhat) pleasant place to be.

So please, take it in to consideration when you post something that you’re representing the whole community... It’s a sad world we live in if all we care about is whether the Britney fans are coming on here or not. Heck, we’ve even had ‘the return of MJ’ this week! That made me chuckle at how pathetic that was.

Thanks for reading. I rest my case. Well done us for getting Papa Roach to the final :D we rule x

  1. Love*Hate*Tragedy avatar

    On Dec 01, Love*Hate*Tragedy said:

    I totaling agree with you Jade. I just think that we get defensive of the band we love. That doesn;t make it right but I love the devotion. There have been times that I have seen Pap Roach members fighting and insulting each other, Why I'm not sure. To reiterate what Jade mentioned abovem we should be damn pround that we got the boys this far and enjoy the gloroius talent of PAPA ROACH

  2. HxCxP-RoacHxFanatic avatar

    On Nov 24, HxCxP-RoacHxFanatic said:

    I totally agree. I admit to voting 500 times to raise the votes for Papa Roach to have them create an epic moment, but we all should chill out and let whatever happens, happen. The end of this round doesn't even end until 18 days ahead of now. If she wins, then that's okay because it's all of us roaches who got our fav. band this far :]

  3. Silly Goose avatar

    On Nov 24, Silly Goose said:

    I know what you mean Jade! Its not asif Papa Roach had to quit playing if they loose to Britney lmao!

    We'd all like Papa Roach to win, Im just happy we got as far as we did, but if we beat Britney that would ROCK!!

    Im also pissed off with PR fans posting shit to BS fans about things BS fans might have done ie Cheating. Some people on this site have cheated too. Just plain hypocritical! xx

  4. Prozac avatar

    On Nov 23, Prozac said:

    *throws hand into the air* Amen, sister! †

  5. retarded_dinosaur avatar

    On Nov 23, retarded_dinosaur said:

    [thumbs up]

  6. !!~*STARS*~!! avatar

    On Nov 23, !!~*STARS*~!! said:

    haha i said sight instead of site sorry i have a bit of an auto speller thing cause i spell for crap! i apologize for other horrible spelling mistakes

  7. !!~*STARS*~!! avatar

    On Nov 23, !!~*STARS*~!! said:

    i get you! im getting so annoyed of these forums.. i comment on the occasional one... and we are taking it seriously and i my self would not go on Britney sight and bash her... i do believe us as papa roach fans have more dignity than that.. i hope that we win... fairly and properly and the nonsense stops... it will be sad if we dont win but we did make it this far and we have shown that us roaches stick together

  8. XxCucaracha_AddictxX avatar

    On Nov 23, XxCucaracha_AddictxX said:

    competition makes ppl do crazy things most definitely. i have gone totally crazy crackhead on this voting thing. I really want Papa Roach to win this cuz everyone underestimates their greatness but yea, the forums are ridiculous...I don't even go on there cuz I don't want to get caught in the controversy. I regret going off on a Paramore fan yesterday when they were posting annoying blogs....but yea, we can't let the haters get to us anymore. all we need to do is pump each other up, vote responsibly, and forget about the useless haters that come on here and think they can take us down.

  9. Sammy! avatar

    On Nov 23, Sammy! said:

    AAAAAAMEN. Some of the people on this site are driving me up the mofoing wall. IT'S A COMPETETION. CALM DOWN.

    At least someone speaks sense Jade :)

  10. metalheaduk avatar

    On Nov 23, metalheaduk said:

    That's why I haven't been posting on the forum much. It's really juvenile and annoying. Some people need to get a grip on reality.

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