been a while..

Thu, May 13, 2010 at 12:32 PM By: PapahhRoachhLoveer.

how are you guys?
not heard much.
leaving school tomorrow for my big AS exams :|
In case you'll were wondering where I've gone on Facebook & Twitter etc..
well basically i've deactivated my Facebook account for a while due to the exams and Twitter well THAT'S a longer story, basically I was editting my privacy settings and decided to change my password to something like redbull++vodkasX? which i thought I would remember but guess what? I then i went on: Forgot Your Password? entered my email address only to find it was actually @gmail.COM not @gmail.CO.UK .. so my Twitter account PapaRoachhLover is now UNACTIVE and shortly I shall be making a new one which is similair: PappaRoachLover/PapaRoachLoveer or y'know something along them lines so if your tweets are protected if anyone wants to follow you with that name it's me :)
I'll probably just follow the people I previously followed..thanks for cooperating with it though.

Ya' so about the new album!
I expected alot from the guys what with them being Papa Roach and all, but I never expcected it to be so out there, unique and different .. just goes to show how much they have excelled as a band and that's me just from hearing the extraordinary,'Burn' and beyond immense 'Kicked In The Teeth' and they aren't even the studio versions!

Thanks guys for always being here..
love y'all :)

  1. Hybrid911 avatar

    On May 13, Hybrid911 said:

    I missed you. I shall follow you on twitter again don't worry shiznit x

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