New Year 2010 Bring It.

Sat, Jan 16, 2010 at 3:28 PM By: PapahhRoachhLoveer.

Hey,Roaches Hope you all had a kick ass Christmas and New Year.
I think 2010 stores alot for all of us; this year shall be a rideee :D
t may only be the 16th of January but I have surprised myself.
I'm not one to keep new year resolutions this year was no different but change was on my mind.
Firstly, I have became focussed on my education and i know i sound like a geek saying that but these are the years in my life that make my future, if i don't study now i'll never study again resulting to being a hobo.That's not one of the most epic changes though.
The most epic one is the difference between what I was like in 2009, I didn't give a fuck about most things ( i didn't do drugs or anything neither did i binge drink)..but good god was i different, I look back at myself and think what a facked up emo, I didn't slit or anything but for a whole day I'd sit there crying because I thought my life was so shit; near the end of 2009 I began to change my ways and realised how good I had it.I've also built up my self confidence by an awful amount compared to what I was like, I can go out there now and grin to the world BRING IT BITCH and even if it does go down hill,I'll be climbing back up again.
Two things helped me to become the better person I am today then I was a year ago..Papa Fucking Roach and My Dad...the advice from him has been tremendous and it amazes me what it can do to someone's life.Papa Roach have got me through the bad times and fucking rocked it through the good, one things for definite my love for them will only grow stronger as years go bye.
On that note I hope you all have an astonishing twenty-ten with plenty of love and roachness :) x

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