1. KaRii avatar

    On Jul 31, KaRii said:

    Holaaa :D dejo mis saludos :)

  2. ayaroach avatar

    On Jul 18, ayaroach said:

    you're welcome :) how are you??

  3. Littel Dirty Girl avatar

    On Jul 11, Littel Dirty Girl said:

    Thanks, and I hope for you, that you get a break from work,

  4. Littel Dirty Girl avatar

    On Jul 09, Littel Dirty Girl said:

    Hi, I´m doing well, just a lot of tests in school, by the way sorry that I write so late, I´m in last time a bits busy,

    and how are you doing, any news?

  5. Mad Lalo avatar

    On Nov 03, Mad Lalo said:

    Good bye normality...
    Welcome back my comrade, The Madness...

  6. Mad Lalo avatar

    On Aug 18, Mad Lalo said:

    ahh, my head is about to explode, ahhhh i hate u shriekbag!!!

  7. Mad Lalo avatar

    On Aug 12, Mad Lalo said:

    The day that I needed help
    You turn your head
    Leaving myself alone
    Against the dead

    Now that I had my Rezurrection
    I feel free for once
    And I get the "right" direction
    To find revenge

    When you knew about me again
    You was shoked
    Thinking, "This is not happening"
    "Does he will forgive me?"

    I went where you were
    She was surprised and sad
    I knew that you were alone
    So I just turn back

    Ans you just hug me
    And you just said "forgive me"
    "I missed you"
    ....I love you"

    I turn my back and her hug back
    I said "I forgive you"
    "But you spent a lot of time"
    "But is not gonna be the same"

    "You have to pay with the same coin"
    "The day that you"ll be in trouble
    Dont try to tak me
    And feel how you betrayed me"

    "You wont know anythink of me
    Cause I dpnt wanna see your face again
    Thinking about a sweet revenge, no regret
    In a place where madness rules whit no pain

  8. Mad Lalo avatar

    On Aug 10, Mad Lalo said:

    No, no debo caer en tu magia otravez, no debo enamorarme de ti otraves, me causas dolores de cabeza inexplicables con tan solo pensar en ti o decir tu nombre, Adriana, no, necesito un remedio!!

  9. Mad Lalo avatar

    On Aug 09, Mad Lalo said:

    Well, shit, officially i am so screwed¡¡

  10. Mad Lalo avatar

    On Aug 03, Mad Lalo said:

    when i think about you and i feel like there is a heaven, but when i discover your truth i feel like heel,
    when u talk to me about our memories feels like white clouds, but when u talk about him feels like black clouds
    when i see u with me my mind goes white, but when i see u with him my mins goes into a comatose
    when u kissed me i felt like butterflies in my stomach, but when u kiss him i feel like a thousand knives stabbing me
    no matter who u choose, i'll be there to protect u, i'll be ur shadow
    no matter what, i'll live with that pain only for see u happy

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