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I'm insane, crazy and insatiable. I'm here to make friends (if any girl want agent can even go to bed and lose many nights 'smile') like everything that makes me wrong, I do not care at all just live and live and the maximum max. lately life is not very interesting. but then I throw everything into the air again and abandon everything and go to another place, really do not like to stay long in one place, like climb on my bike and walk away without looking behind, another city, another place other people, I'll be doing this until you find someone who can satisfy my desires. while not meeting. I live I love I burn and I die every day. live everyday as if it were the last day until finished! (6)
Add and let's talk. let's play tonight.

My name is dimitri. I was born in 1988 have 22 years. I am wholeheartedly sick of rock. I am a composer and I play guitar. I'm the kind of person who enjoys being with friends enjoying some good music and drinking too much alcohol and enjoy the night life. Well lately my dreams are pretty simple. I want to see the bands I like playing. Atreyu, Papa Roach, Burn Halo, Flyleaf, 36 Crazy Fists these will be the first. Well as I see many others but I will soon make all those dreams. well. let go. let's rock! ps: i cant be an angel if i like living like a devil ^^

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