Wed, Jan 27, 2010 at 1:38 PM By: hatehollywoodwhores

I've heard that when you enter in a new relationship the other bad or good relationships on the past play a very important game with the actual relationship you've with someone. If you had for example a bad relationship with your mother,the new relationship you'll have with your girlfriend could be kind of problematic and you should try to fix the internal wounds before you could damage your actual relationship or maybe you choose a girlfriend who has maternal insticts because psychologycally you feel like a little boy trapped in the body of an adult man and sometimes you need to be cared and this girlfriend reminds you of your mother and how you don't want your new relationship will be that unheatly and you don't want that your kids will suffer from psychological or physical abuse in the future. I have heard about it in this blog in the section of Phylosophy(if you were wondering) but I've also heard about it in Dr Phill's tv show or in some talkshows about it and i was wondering,could it be possible? I only believe in negative and positive energies that come in contact when you enter in a new relationship.It also depends of how can you personally interact with another person,of your past interations,the way you can handle problems,how mature physically and intelectually you can be and how many things in common (the typical) you have with the other person.Also you can't give too much effort in a relationship if the other person just don't give a fuck and you just still giving for a long time and for what? for someone who doesn't even care or someone who wants to get something out from you but anything "from" you.Sometimes you could think "man she is the best thing on the whole world" or "man,he's so fucking sexy" and at the last time they could dissapoint you of the worst way and if you have had so many dissapointments in your life maybe in part is your fault because people can be so mean or fake and in part this is true but it can be also that you are being unrealistic putting this person in a altar and getting yourself blind with the apparent "love" or this good sensation that this person brings to you but you can't open your eyes,shake your head and ralize what is the truth: this person doesn't love you and never did,you were deceived by a fucking fake illusion.I tell you because i was amazed by someone that i thought would bring me the moon and the stars but thanks God i opened my eyes quicker and i won and now nobody can lie to me again.Maybe i'll fall with someone someday,i don't fucking now.I hope the best for you guys,good vibres!!

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