some lyrics that i've wrote in a moment of boredom and creative subconscience inspiration

Tue, Feb 2, 2010 at 7:11 PM By: hatehollywoodwhores

Boil of fishes eater

She went throught a lot of shit
now she 's back to drink her fucking mind
all these thoughts,all the lies that this genious created
many bridges to pull down
nothing really matters,she never lost her ground
she is laughing behind,you're all alone and she's haunting again

selfish bitch i'm too weak that i can't hate you
proud and money is your faith
thousands of chicks are never enough
you're harder than a million fairytales
the record guiness is pulverized

everynight she is desperated
all the beautiful air head cocky guys around
she is feeling anything but wishes to fuck
too bad all the bitches are busy now
she can't go home without a body to mesmerize

million tales that somebody could believe but never me
i know i haven't won but i can't shut up my mind
my eyes were looking all your movements
i never failed but you were laughing your ass off
if someone could make you pay
fuck you up and go away?
who would be laughing now? you couldn't beg,you're too proud


Swimming lady

I remember you staring at me
nothing more beautiful in this world than your smile
i'd never talk with someone with my never about to explode
everyone were mocking around.
People is always shitty with something "weird"
gossippers just can't stop

My friend, i'd never talk to you
pride is not the answer,is just that my indecissions are too much to hide
you seemed too assertive and amazing
but the little shorty by your side
this woman was your fucking girlfriend or what?

Karen says to me "woah she is freaking hot" and at that time when you were walking at the Cafeteria,shining like a prety star
everyone were like crazy,girls looked at you with desire and maybe some boys were confussed with your looks?

Nothing is gonna happen,nothing is forever
everyone goes away,loneliness is my best friend
tomorrow will bring someone or maybe everyone will go away

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