this doesnt even begin to explain how weird my friends get

Sat, Aug 28, 2010 at 11:17 AM By: ^forever lost^

little convo. between me and one of my friends online (im not ganna use there name, so ill call then muffin) {its not the whole convo either}
me : hey :]
muffin : HELLO!!!!!!! OMG!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!LIKE MARRY ME!!!..please?
me : xD haha i love you too, but sweety im not ganna marry u, but we can still be friend. k
muffin : aw, come on run away with me, ill buy u a bunny.
me : thats sweet and all but no thx.
muffin : but..i love you....:(
me : as a friend, and i love a friend
muffin : no! i love u like more than that!
me : haha =P
muffin : whats so funny?
me : nothing..
muffin : tell me or ill have a baby with all the guys ur crushing on!!
me : xD haha id like to see that happen!
muffin : perv!!
me : no!! i didnt mean it that way!! i just mean how u ganna make a baby with another guy when u r one.
muffin : sure thats what u meant..u just wanna see me with my shirt off, i know u got a crush on me!!!
me : xD yea totally!! take yo shirt off!!!! haha
muffin : ok ;) but u gota come here to see...
me : i was joking..i dont wanna see u with ur shirt off, sorry babe ;]
muffin : ur a tease! ima stalk u and find one of ur crushes and make out with them in front of u!
me : am not..haha join the club! u know how many stalkers i got!
haha good luk with sure all of them would kick ur ass..
muffin : nah im sure they will love it ;)
me : yeah ok..
muffin : awkward..........
me : what?
muffin : my mom walked in...
me : so?
muffin : i was yelling at the computer cuz it froze on one of my friends pictures and i was saying dirty thngs to the computer to get it to stop freezing...she got the wrong idea
me : XD ahahahahahhaha! nice!!
muffin : uho..i g2g my dads trying to give me "a talk" thi should be fun..
me : ok..have fun..
muffin : yeah sure..ttyl ;)
me : k

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