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My name is alyssa! I freakn love papa roach OMG! I have seen them live 4 times in st.louis when they have come here! I hate when i miss them in concert! It it upsets me so fukn bad! Jacoby i freakn love u! Ur sooooo sexy and amazing! Every time u come on stage when the concert starts i freak out so damm bad!!! LoL Cuz im so excited! I wish i could really meet u and talk 2 u and get ur autograph!! I would probably freakn DIE!! LoL U guys are AMAZING live! I got 2 touch jacoby at point fest in st.louis in 08! He came in the crowd when they were doin Dead Cell!! Ur guys music has helped me threw so much! I love seeing u live ur so awesome! U have so much energy! I LOVE it! :) ********Viva La Cucaracha Bitches********

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