1. !!~*STARS*~!! avatar

    On Sep 23, !!~*STARS*~!! said:

    hey how are you ?

  2. sixxersworld avatar

    On Jun 09, sixxersworld said:

    Are you just saying that cause you work there :P

  3. sixxersworld avatar

    On Jun 08, sixxersworld said:

    Thanks...I've never been to Applebees!

  4. sixxersworld avatar

    On Jun 03, sixxersworld said:

    I only wish I had a job right now...it would be nice. Then again being stuck at a job all the time blows to. Where do you work? Ya this rut of mine has lasted for about a month.

  5. csime217 avatar

    On Jun 03, csime217 said:

    hey howz it goin? x

  6. sixxersworld avatar

    On May 29, sixxersworld said:

    Me to!! i've been trying to find a job...ugh...it sucks. There's just nothing...I feel like my dreams are blowing up in my face, Sorry for being a downer. You?

  7. sixxersworld avatar

    On May 28, sixxersworld said:

    Exactly!! 73 more days!!

  8. djt avatar

    On May 27, djt said:

    keep your fingers crossed that you will get hired by a big company then. =)
    i wish you luck.

  9. djt avatar

    On May 27, djt said:

    that sounds cool. is the pay good?

  10. djt avatar

    On May 26, djt said:

    what are you majoring in?

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