floods are awesome

Tue, Apr 28, 2009 at 12:37 AM By: India

im pretty positive ive been sick lately because of the fact most of downtown got flooded heavily last year, and all of the houses are literally rotting because this FUCKING government America has sucks, and cannot help people who truly need the help, yet gives money away freely to people who dont need it.

Anyway, getting off of THAT subject....

This guy my moms bluntly been fucking lately, works as flood recovery.... he has free pickings at shit that was left behind in homes which got destroyed, and hes been bringing the shit into our garage for storage.

Granted, I put my foot down on this bullshit FAST because NO motherfucker is going to start freeloading off of us when we are having a hard enough time just paying the fucking bills here thanks to my dads bullshit (view previous blogs). But I think the bacteria and mold has already done its toll on me.

Every morning, I wake up and I cant hardly talk, my throat is THAT dry. my head has been killing me, i keep coughing shit up, yet heres the weird part.. I DONT FEEL SICK. So its GOT to be some funky bacterial shit going on. Wonderful.

Kids.... dont play in flood waters. Its bad for you.

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    On Apr 28, India said:

    me dunno, lol never tried em

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    On Apr 28, Busta said:

    I wonder if taking a zyrtec a day would help ya

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