Hey everyone

Fri, Jan 15, 2010 at 6:59 PM By: India

Long time no blog. First of all let me say if I miss a letter or fuck up a word, it's because I'm on my iPhone not paying attention. I'm at a show selling my jewelry, as well as merch for the band Day Of Fire. Tomorrow I'll be here too doing the same, but I'll be merching for Earshot.

I know I hardly Blog anymore, but I recently just started a tumblr blog account. I forgot if it's under lunaricsales or lunaricstardust. Look me up and follow me on there. I'll be more active there then on here :).

I just wante to pop on and say hey. Pass some time at the show :).

  1. billyrock avatar

    On Jan 16, billyrock said:

    Hey India! I hope your shows go well!!! Crash loved the necklace you made for her.
    I Loved the one you sent me too!! Take care, well talk soon.

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