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Ive gotten SO much spam on the forums, I just cant keep up with it all :/

Please check out my friends in Vampires Everywhere!
They are good friends of mine, excellent people, and I love them all to death.

Hello. My name is India. I am 23. I Live in Cedar Rapids, IA. I enjoy crisp winter mornings with a nice cup o' joe, sprinklers in the hot summer season, and a nicely carved jack-o-lantern in the fall...... Ok, not really ;). But I am addicted to my business promotion, bands, music, concerts, and Twitter. Yes, I admit it. My name is India. And I am an iPhone Twitter junkie.

check it out!

Im boring, im totally mellow, I dont party,and I never rock out... I just lied a whole bunch of times ;P. Im safe to say im one of the concert junkie/show veterans around these parts. Im usually the one who gets shit thrown at me because im on the OTHER side of the barricade. I dont know why, but I usually have a "pull" where ever I go for shows. Its weird how it works out, but ive managed to ban 1 band from a venue for pissing me off, and also managed to shut another venue down ;P. Yep im sort of a bitch, hahaha.

^Jacoby makes me need a new camera ahaha

^Carlton Bost (Deadsy) of The Dreaming & Lunarclick* - Go check out BOTH bands....good pals of mine!

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