Bullet For My Valentine!

Wed, Apr 28, 2010 at 7:01 PM By: starrysky13

Made the last three blogs about them, so why stop now? One: They are fantastic. Two: Who would not want to go on and on about them all day like crazy people? Three: I am crazy. Yes, I have already figured that part out. Four: Their songs are awesome. Best ever. Five: Their guitar solos are beast. Six: Matt Tuck is the hottest guy I have ever seen. Seven: They are great live. Eight: Matt Tuck has the best voice ever. Nine: Fever came out yesterday. Ten: Fever came out two days ago in the UK. Eleven: They just performed their MySpace secret show two days ago for free, and it was their first performance live in 9 months, and it was their first performance of the new album. Twelve: No bands can really compete with them. and Thirteen being my lucky number: They are the best band ever!!! Fourteen: I love their accents!!!


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