In You

Fri, May 30, 2008 at 12:22 AM By: mdr7

This is my newest poem. A biological one XD Enjoy!

I wanna be
A virus in your brain,
I wanna be
A cell in your blood.

I wanna get into you
And never get out.
Wanna be your inhale,
Never be your exhale.

Wanna make you
Feel me,
Never to hurt.

Wanna be in your every cell
Every breath you take,
Every move you make.

I wanna be in your sweat,
In your saliva, your seed.

And now I'm in your tears,
The tears you cry for me,
Cause I never got in
Only out.

But STOP, don't cry,
I don't wanna be your tears,
I wanna be your blood,
Always to live in your heart,
Never to leave it,
only with you.

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