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    On Dec 04, Recklezz said:

    I’ll see what I can do.
    Good luck.

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    On Nov 23, Recklezz said:

    Yeah I guess it’s never really how you thought it would be, but you just have to fight to get through it. At least you can be creative!

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    On Nov 22, Recklezz said:

    How are you except for being busy?
    I’m okay, busy as well- university is difficult, boring… not what I thought but oh well, I gotta survive

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    On Oct 11, Recklezz said:

    I’m ok thx, stressed out mostly.
    Thank you =)
    Whoahoa thanks I’ll look at them –NOW =)
    Wow it’s really impressive =) really cool
    Okay well I wish you good luck with the new collection
    Take care

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    On Aug 16, Recklezz said:

    hey girl I wanted to say goodbye for now, because I'll be going on a holiday tomorrow
    hope u are good

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    On Aug 06, Recklezz said:

    Sounds cool, I really hope they turn out to be great =)

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    On Jul 31, Recklezz said:

    *laughs* okay that's a deal then
    okay I cross my fingers for u then^^

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    On Jul 30, Recklezz said:

    That’s cool hope it works out great =)
    I’m good atm just waiting to see what the future will bring me. I got a place for ‘law’ in the university where I live but I’d actually much rather study psychology but it’s much tougher to get in so lets see

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    On Jul 09, Recklezz said:

    thank you! I can really use it, because if I don't get in, I don't know what to do. Waiting to be able to study here is senseless beause you have to wait for about 6 years and there are not many other universities in Germany that offer it and I don't just wanna go anywhere...
    soo how have u been lately?

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    On Jul 05, Recklezz said:

    Hey! Great to hear! I envy you for the great weather, weather is bad here so… yeah… and I’d love to be busy, need help?*lol*
    Oh yeah, ages ago, school’s done with.
    Thank you, I was second best of the year, but at the university I was told it’s maybe ‚not good enough‘ to study psychology there… well I hope I get the place otherwise I don’t know what I’m going to do. I applied for ‚law‘ aswell but I don’t really wanna study that.
    Hope you are doing great, take care as well!

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