Under the weather :/

Mon, Mar 8, 2010 at 8:34 AM By: olivia21126

Haven't been well today so i thought i would write a little blog on here as i haven't been on in ages :(

Well i think an update of my life is in order because i can't think of anything else to write :P... College is going okay i suppose but i have shit loads of homework to do by tomorrow :'( The 6th form common room has changed to another part of the school which sucks because the room we have moved into is about the size of a shoebox, and now everyone is fighting for a seat and no one can breathe grrr!

On the gig front, i haven't really got that many gigs coming up apart from You Me Six on Friday, then Young Guns on the 28th of April... Its all a tad bit boring so far this year, probably because i haven't seen Papa Roach yet :P
> If anyone is actually reading this, has anyone got their signed posters they were supposed to get on last years tour?? Because i was VIP and i should of got a poster but it never came :/

I think Papa Roach should host their own festival and just have the most awsome bands playing for a week! That would be fucking crazy :D

Methinks i should go and get through my HUGE pile of homework so i don't fail my courses ARGHHH!

Bye :D x

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